Design a kitchen cost-effectively

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

In today’s world of mounting costs, it is always an uphill battle to design a kitchen within budget. The key is to maximize value with minimal investment – both up-front and long-term savings. In this blog post, you will learn about some simple tricks for cost-effectively designing a kitchen that fits your needs as well as your budgetary constraints. You’ll be surprised at how much bang you can get for your buck – aesthetic appeal and reliable functionality included! Read on to find out what smart strategies can help keep your wallet intact while creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

Plan the layout of your kitchen to ensure that you can make maximum use of the space

When planning the layout of your kitchen, it is important to identify how you want to use the space and plan around that. Consider organizing by task, creating a space for cooking, cleaning, prepping, and storage. Where possible, try to maximize efficiency by grouping tasks together; for example, keep all food preparation items near the sink and stove. Ensure you have enough counter-top and cupboard space to store appliances like mixers and microwaves as well as for other necessities like cutlery and plates. Finally, install adequate lighting in all areas of your kitchen so you can easily find everything even during late night cooking sessions. Planning ahead will guarantee you make maximum use of your kitchen space!

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

Decide on the type of cabinetry and countertops that best suit your budget and style

When deciding on cabinetry and countertops for your home, it is important to consider both your style preferences and budget. There is a wide range of options out there with different materials, colors, styles and price points. Cabinets with wooden doors may add a traditional look, whereas laminate ones can provide a more contemporary feel. Countertops offer the same variety with affordable laminates or natural stones like marble and granite if your budget allows. Consider what works best in the room’s design scheme but also don’t forget practicality; choose a durable material that will withstand daily use. With careful consideration you can create the perfect combination of style and functionality that meets both your needs and budget.

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Incorporate energy-efficient appliances into your kitchen design for added savings

The kitchen is one of the most energy-hungry areas of your home, so incorporating energy-efficient appliances into your new kitchen design is a smart way to save money in the long term. Not only do these efficient appliances make a significant difference in monthly energy costs, but they also come with great features designed to simplify mealtime and help make cooking easier. These machines often have premium stylish designs and use up-to-date technology that allows you to easily run multiple tasks at once. With a creative kitchen design integrating these innovative appliances, you will benefit from a more efficient operation for years to come!

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

Choose easy-to-clean tiles, backsplashes, and flooring materials for minimal maintenance costs

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, choosing the right tiles, backsplashes, and flooring materials can make the difference between having to hire extra cleaners for deep cleans and being able to maintain it yourself with minimal costs. Easy-to-clean materials like ceramic tile, granite countertops, and polished hardwood floors will help make your kitchen or bathroom much easier to keep clean. Not only are these materials easy to spot clean and wipe down, they also resist dirt and grime build up which can help save on long term cleaning costs. So don’t settle for anything less than easy-to-clean surfaces when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom!

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

Consider brightening up the room with a coat of paint or adding a few pieces of art for an instant upgrade

Breathing new life into a room is easy with the right accents. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a whole new look is to paint the walls. Pick a color that will compliment not just your existing furniture, but also your mood. Not up for taking on a paint job? Then livening up the room with some artwork may be a better fit – it’s just as impactful, with no need for drop cloths or air filters. Anything from beautiful photography to abstract pieces can add an instant upgrade to any room without being overbearing or overwhelming.

Design a kitchen cost-effectively. Get Maximum Value on Minimal Investment

Don’t forget about extra storage solutions such as shelves, drawers, baskets and organizers to maximize efficiency!

If you’re feeling a little lost in the clutter of your home, it may be time to start looking into extra storage solutions. Shelves, drawers, baskets and organizers can all help make sure everything has a place, allowing for smoother navigation and more efficient use of space. Whether you need someplace to display knick-knacks or want to make the most of those awkward corner spaces, storing items correctly is often the key to finding a little extra room. Investing in some handy storage solutions can help keep your home tidy and organized for years to come.

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In conclusion, there are a multitude of options available to you when designing and decorating your kitchen in order to achieve the best use of the space, stay within budgeting restraints, increase energy efficiency and make maintenance easier. From planning the layout to deciding on cabinetry, counter tops, appliances and flooring materials – to even introducing a splash of color through a fresh coat of paint or decorative pieces – the process should be an enjoyable one. Once you have your design finalized, don’t forget about maximising storage solutions for maximum usability! With careful planning and consideration put into every aspect of your kitchen design, you will soon have a beautiful and efficient kitchen that caters to all your needs.

How to modernize your outdated home?

How to modernize your outdated home?

Are you feeling like your home is stuck in a time warp and looks more dated than ever? Don’t despair – with a few clever and relatively inexpensive updates, you can totally revolutionize the look of your space without having to invest in an expensive remodel. From incorporating bold accent pieces to updating your lighting fixtures, there are plenty of ways to give any room an instant refresh that encapsulates modern-day style. So put away those outdated furnishings from decades past, because we’re about to show how easy it is to take your home from drab to fab!

1. Replace old-fashioned curtains with modern blackout shades for improved insulation and style

Out with the old and in with the new! Upgrade your windows from boring, outdated curtains to modern blackout shades for improved insulation and style. With your newly equipped shades, you’ll say goodbye to those energy bills that send chills down your spine. Not only that, but you’ll be able to express yourself more with sleek window treatments that have different colors, patterns and textures. Everyone will be impressed with the transformation – somehow it managed to make time stand still without sacrificing a touch of modernity – making blackout shades the ultimate go-to choice!

How to modernize your outdated home?

2. Replace outdated kitchen appliances with more efficient versions to save money on energy bills

It’s time to give your kitchen a much-needed upgrade! By replacing inefficient old appliances with their more efficient counterpart, you can create yourself some extra savings — after all, the last thing you want is for wasteful energy costs to eat away at your wallet. While it may cost up to invest in a new appliance or two, the long-term benefits of being more energy-efficient are worth it. Follow this advice and you’ll be shouting “Money saved!” from your rooftop!

How to modernize your outdated home?

3. Invest in stylish furniture pieces that will bring a contemporary and timeless look to your home

Investing in stylish furniture pieces is a great way to bring both contemporary and timeless style into your home. Not only will they add a modern aesthetic, but they also stand the test of time and will remain fashionable for years to come. Their versatility allows you to mix and match different pieces, creating your own unique statement that reflects your personality. With these classic pieces, rest assured that you can always rotate them around the room or even refresh a room completely, yet it will never go out of style. So don’t wait any longer; start adding some chic furniture to your home today!

How to modernize your outdated home?

4. Add bright accent colors in the form of wall art or accessories to liven up bland walls

Dull walls don’t have to stay that way! Brighten up your room with a touch of color. Wall art or accessories are an easy and creative way to infuse pops of color into any décor – no paint needed! Teal pillow shams, vibrant wall hangings, or even a statement centerpiece all offer a unique way to seamlessly integrate lively hues into the home. It’s the perfect reminder that life doesn’t have to be so dull afterall!

How to modernize your outdated home?

5. Swap out old light fixtures for sleek, modern ones for an instant update

Let there be light! Swapping out your old, outdated lighting fixtures for bright and modern ones is an easy upgrade that will instantly make your home look refreshed and inviting. It’s a great way to transform a room without spending – or lifting – a lot of weight. And since it only takes a few steps (be sure to safely disconnect your old light fixture) you’ll have the perfect finishing touch in no time. Let the glow of success shine on you with this chic update.

How to modernize your outdated home?

6. Upgrade door handles and knobs to give an overall modern look to each room in your home

Give your doors a stylish makeover with some shiny new handles and knobs! Adding modern features to your door fixtures is an easy way to spiff up each room in your home and keep it looking contemporary. Plus, these change-outs don’t take much time or effort, so why not upgrade your decor today? A few simple swaps will have you feeling like you live in an entirely new space without the fuss of a full-on renovation.

By making these simple updates and investments, you can easily upgrade the style and energy-efficiency of your home. Take a risk with bright pops of color or funky furniture pieces to really impress! And perhaps most importantly, at the end of it all, you will definitively be able to say to yourself – “I did that!” Whether you prefer a modern classic or cutting-edge trend, your newly remodeled home is sure to make a lasting impression for both yourself and visitors alike. Utilize blackout shades, efficient appliances and stylish furniture pieces for maximum effect as you get creative with accents and fixtures. There’s no greater feeling than that moment when you can step back and take in the beauty of your creation – this is your perfected retreat. So why not be daring and make the changes today? Go ahead, give yourself an update!

Small Yard

Best company

Algebra Contracting often receives inquiries about landscape design, and clients worry that they have a tiny garden. In Dubai, we saw many communities with small back yards.

In the United Arab Emirates, it is essential to have a piece of oasis in your villa. Talking about the backyard, big isn’t always associated with a good thing.

As long as you can organize it into beautiful small backyard landscaping ideas, the tiny space also can be as enjoyable as the big one. Nonetheless, it requires minimal maintenance compared to the big backyard. Since it needs less treatment, of course, it will save much of your budget. Besides, a low- budget backyard can be mesmerizing as well. All you need to do is pay attention to the detail. Sometimes, trivial things can become a “wow factor” if you know what to do.

If you still dont have an idea what kind of design to implement, then you are in right place. Contact Algebra Contracting!


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Best Barbers in Dubai

Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop. As you can see one of the most popular barbers in Dubai Marina with a classic New York Vintage style, ambience and vibe. Every barber has outstanding skills in Fades, Razor Shaves, Haircuts, hair styles, Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout, Facials, Black Mask etc… This Barbershop is truly one of a kind we’d like to say. Many have tried to copy this barber shop in Dubai but no one managed to replicated the vibe, authenticity and the family environment Goodfellas have. After 3 successful years it remains a family run business and not a greedy corporation multiplying its outlets. Come by for a shave, fade, manicure, pedicure or simply a haircut to our Barbershop in Dubai Marina and see for yourself!!!

Custom made reception Desk for Princess Tower

Another small addition to the management office of Princess Tower

Algebra Contracting has designed and built the reception desk in this picture for the lovely support staff in the management office. This is just a small example of our in house carpentry work capabilities and worth mentioning simply because it decorates the office of the tallest residential Tower in the World!!

For any enquiries please call 800 INTERIOR or email to

Old Town, Downtown Dubai – our latest renovation

We have just completed a complete renovation in the prestige neighborhood of Old Town in the Burj Khalifa District.

While many of investors and end users shy away from Old Town due to the lack of light and dark appearances, this is a perfect example of how to bring the interiors up to the same level of excellence as the exterior design, the location, facilities and charm of the area.

Especially for prospective buyers in the Old Town, this could give the last nudge to get excited about Old Town and leave behind any doubts and see the properties within as the fantastic investment that they are.

Any queries from the residents or requirements for upgrades please call 800 INTERIOR or visit

Should you be looking at buying, renting or selling in the area you can be sure to get the best service with our sister company Algebra Real Estate by calling 800 BROKER

The renovation works above included:

-approval works from all authorities e.g. Emaar, Dubai Municipality etc.

-all demolition works including removal of kitchen walls

-all floor tiling, bathroom tiling, plumbing and electrical works

-bathroom renovation and refurbishment with design tiles

-kitchen renovation and remodel with new kitchen cupboards, counter tops and back splash

-all ceiling and gypsum work including the lighting works