Emergency renovation- how to create more space
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment has been delivered by the developer with a mediocre Quality finish and a very unreasonable and inefficient layout to say the least. It was pretty much uninhabitable due to the lack of space and storage.

Our Solutions

We have avoided to strip down any walls or change the layout, as there were no options to do so. We were forced to get creative, so the living room and one of the bedrooms have been lifted, creating enormous storage space underneath.

Living Room

We have created a wooden base covering the entire living area, lifting it up by about 1 meter and creating a huge storage space underneath.


We have lifted a king size bed by roughly 2 meters to create a big and efficient walk in closet underneath it as there was no space for clothes whatsoever before our renovation.

The Apartment also features:

  • Tailor-made kitchen with open concept ceiling design
  • new flooring solutions in all rooms
  • Plenty of storage space throughout the apartment.
  • 2 completely renovated bathrooms

It is hard to imagine these extensive carpentry works, so we tried to illustrate it as best as we can in the pictures.

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