Emirates Crown Renovation | Elevating Luxury to New Heights

Emirates Crown Renovation

Algebra Contracting is thrilled to announce the commencement of the Emirates Crown Renovation Project. With all necessary approvals secured, our team is prepared to embark on a journey of luxury, cost-effectiveness, and uncompromising quality. Our primary focus will be the transformation of the master bathroom and additional bathrooms within this prestigious establishment. Stay tuned for a renovation experience like no other, where excellence is our standard, and opulence is our commitment.

Master Bathroom Renovation | Emirates Crown

The Master Bathroom renovation at Emirates Crown exemplifies Algebra Contracting's unwavering dedication to luxury, cost-effectiveness, and top-notch quality. This comprehensive project involved the removal of various elements such as bath tubs, wash basins with cabinets, wall and floor tiles, ceilings, WC, shower mixers, bath tub mixers, mirrors, and meticulous debris removal. Plumbing and electrical upgrades were seamlessly integrated, including new power points, concealed cabinet locks, hidden lights, and niche lighting.

The space was transformed with new gypsum ceilings, Italian spotlights, and carefully installed calcium silicate sheet walls. The addition of semi-solid wooden sliding and hinged doors in a white PU paint finish, bespoke storage units, and high-quality sanitary items like a soft-close WC, concealed basin mixer, and backlit mirror, all speak to the project's unwavering focus on luxury, efficiency, and exceptional quality.

This masterful renovation extends to every detail, from waterproofing the floor area to the installation of RAK OPIFICIO wall tiles and Jotun fenomastic washable paint for the walls. The vanity unit with four drawers and a white quartz vanity top with 40mm edges, as well as the bespoke storage units with electronic cabinet locks, exemplify the project's meticulous craftsmanship. Algebra Contracting's commitment to excellence shines through in this Master Bathroom, where luxury and cost-effectiveness harmoniously coexist, resulting in a space that epitomizes quality in every aspect.

Bathroom renovation | Emirates Crown Dubai

The Bathroom Renovation project at Emirates Crown focuses on a comprehensive transformation, meticulously executed by Algebra Contracting. Removal works include the elimination of bath tubs, wash basins, wall and floor tiles, ceilings, WC, shower and bath tub mixers, mirrors, and thorough site clearance. Electrical upgrades encompass power points for mirror and niche lighting, while a new gypsum ceiling, access panels, and non-dimmable spotlights enhance the ambiance. Niches are carved into the shower area wall, with strip lights adding a touch of sophistication. Waterproofing ensures floor integrity, while RAK OPIFICIO wall tiles and Jotun fenomastic washable paint provide a pristine finish. High-quality sanitary items and a backlit mirror complete the transformation. Additionally, a 10mm clear tempered shower glass panel with a swing door enhances the aesthetic, and existing exhaust diffusers are repositioned for optimal ventilation. Algebra Contracting's unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and luxury shines through in this stunning bathroom renovation project.

Emirates Crown's bathroom renovation offers a harmonious blend of form and function, seamlessly integrating modern aesthetics with essential practicality. Algebra Contracting's meticulous removal works lay the foundation for a complete transformation, while the addition of niche lighting and non-dimmable spotlights sets the perfect mood. The installation of a new gypsum ceiling enhances the overall appeal, and access panels ensure convenience and accessibility. Waterproofing guarantees the longevity of the floor, and the use of RAK OPIFICIO wall tiles and Jotun fenomastic washable paint elevates the visual appeal. High-quality sanitary items, a backlit mirror, and a tempered shower glass panel with a swing door complete this luxurious renovation. Algebra Contracting's dedication to quality craftsmanship and a focus on luxury and efficiency make this bathroom renovation project a true masterpiece.

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