Stunning Modern Makeover- Shams, JBR

Algebra Contracting's recent project at Shams showcases our comprehensive approach to kitchen renovation, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetic elegance.

Electrical Works and System Integration

Our electrical team expertly relocated switches and thermostats to accommodate the exhaust system, and added new power points for appliances, ensuring all electrical works were seamlessly integrated with the kitchen's design. The installation of a UPVC duct for vapour extraction necessitated precise demolition, plastering, and preparatory painting, underscoring our attention to detail.

Bespoke Cabinetry

The cabinetry work stood as a highlight of the project, with the fabrication and installation of bottom cabinets, an island cabinet, and top cabinets. These units featured machine-made carcasses and handcrafted doors from MRMDF, complemented by Blum hinges and drawer mechanisms, kickboards, and infills as required. The interior boasted a white Melamine finish, while the exterior was finished in a light grey matte paint, and the top cabinets were adorned with a Veneer polished finish for an exquisite look.

Kitchen Systems and Organization

Innovative kitchen systems, including a carousel organizer, built-in waste bin, and drawer organizer, were installed to enhance functionality and organization. The project began with the demolition and removal of the existing kitchen components, followed by the installation of stainless steel glass doors for the top cabinets, custom-designed for a perfect fit.

Countertops and Backsplash

A Noble Supreme White countertop was selected for its thickness and polished finish, featuring a 40mm mitered edge and a full high backsplash, incorporating cutouts for the undermounted sink and hob, along with a tap hole. The sink set included a BLANCO stainless steel sink, mixer tap with a pull-out spout, and soap dispensers, enhancing both the utility and sophistication of the space.

Appliance Integration and Lighting

All appliances, provided by the client, were meticulously installed, integrating them seamlessly into the design. Hidden lighting beneath the top cabinets and the island's bottom area added a warm ambiance, while the existing pendant light was repositioned to accentuate the island area, and the Nest camera was relocated to provide an unobtrusive overview of the dining area adjacent to the kitchen.

This project illustrates Algebra Contracting's dedication to delivering turnkey solutions that blend innovative design with practical functionality, transforming each space into a bespoke masterpiece tailored to the client's vision and lifestyle.

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