Stunning Renovation Unveiled – Noor Townsquare

Noor Townsquare Renovation

The Noor Townsquare renovation, a luxurious transformation executed by Algebra Contracting, underscores their proficiency in delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective turnkey solutions. This project involved meticulous approval work, a sophisticated kitchen overhaul, an elegant powder room upgrade, and a chic maid room revamp. By infusing luxury into every detail while maintaining cost-effectiveness and reliability, Algebra has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence.

Kitchen Renovation | Noor Townsquare Dubai

Algebra Contracting spearheaded a detailed kitchen makeover at Noor Townsquare. Firstly, we executed a thorough demolition phase. This process removed walls to form an open-concept kitchen. Next, we prepared surfaces with plastering and paint, ensuring a sleek finish.

The project also required detailed electrical work. We strategically relocated switches and sockets. We also added new power points. Following this, we made plumbing adjustments to fit the new layout. To prioritize safety, we relocated the gas sensor and switch.

We then installed a new plain gypsum ceiling. It enhanced the room’s visual appeal and matched the modified existing ceiling. As a next step, we installed Italian spotlights and waterproofed the floor.

Our team fabricated and installed bespoke kitchen cabinets in matt white. We accessorized these with cutlery trays, drawer organizers, and bins. A white quartz worktop and full-height backsplash were added later. The addition of a Grohe sink set and various appliances completed the luxurious feel. Our commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness was evident throughout the renovation.

Powder room Renovation | Townsquare

Our powder room transformation began with a thorough clean-up. We removed wall tiles, floor tiles, and sanitary ware items like the washbasin cabinet and mirror. This process ensured a clear, ready-for-work site.

Next, we set up a new power point for niche LED lights. A fresh gypsum ceiling was installed, complete with paint preparation and painting. We then added access panels and non-dimmable spotlights, enhancing the room’s lighting.

The third phase involved installing a concealed flush tank into a full-height calcium silicate sheet wall. Two niches with strip lighting added a touch of elegance. We also waterproofed the floor, ensuring it was ready for tile installation.

In the final stage, we laid stylish RAK Ceramics wall and floor tiles. We applied two coats of white matt waterproof paint to the walls for a sleek finish. The room was then fitted with a vanity unit, basin set, and a custom-made washing machine cabinet. To wrap up, we refixed the existing exhaust diffuser, leaving the powder room fresh and renewed.

Maid Room Renovation | Townsquare Noor Dubai

Our renovation journey begins with a strategic demolition. We’re removing the wall at the maid room entrance, adhering to the new layout. Of course, we’ll keep the site clean and free from debris.

Next on our list is surface preparation. We’ll handle plastering and paint prep for the area where the wall once stood. Floor leveling is also part of this step. Following this, we’ll install a calcium silicate sheet wall in alignment with the new plan. This involves a fresh coat of paint and relocating the existing door.

In the next phase, we turn our attention to the floor. Any damaged tiles will be removed and replaced with new luxury tiles. We’ll ensure a seamless finish by using top-quality adhesives and grout.

Finally, we’re installing a custom-built wardrobe unit. This unit will feature an interior melamine finish, exterior paint finish, shelves, and handmade sliding doors. It’s a stylish storage solution that adds a touch of luxury to the maid’s room. Our commitment to quality and luxury is evident throughout every stage of the renovation process.

Incredible Luxury Transformation | Fairmont 

Fairmont Renovation

Our latest project was a successful apartment renovation at Fairmont. Working closely with the client, we were able to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We brought together modern design elements with traditional construction techniques in order to create a unique and luxurious living space. The result was an apartment that is comfortable and inviting, as well as highly stylish. This project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. We are proud to have been a part of this exciting renovation.

Customized Kitchen | Renovation Company

The customized kitchen was the centerpiece of the renovation. We installed built-in appliances, a quartz top kitchen island, storage cabinet and open shelves. We also added handmade cabinets with an elegant design to complete the look.

Quality and premium materials are used to ensure the best outcome of the design. The gypsum ceiling was fitted with wooden recess for a cozy atmosphere, whilst the aluminum powder-coated smart hidden sliding door featured switchable smart glass. A brass finish door handle was added to enhance the aesthetic of this kitchen. And then Drawers and shelves were include for storing all necessary items. With a kitchen top and an island top made of mystery white quartz added for additional appeal. Quality was at the forefront of our design choices throughout the customization process. Making sure that this beautiful customized kitchen is one that would be extremely well-received.

Minimalist Style Bathrooms | Renovation Company

The bathrooms were completely transformed with luxurious Italian sanitarywares, tiles and unique accessories. To give the space an even greater sense of luxury, we installed a big porcelain slab and a free standing bathtub. The grey and golden theme in combination with modern style create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and elegant.

Master Bathroom Renovation | Renovation Company

The master bathroom was redesigned with a minimalist design and black and grey theme. The high ceiling makes the space feel more open, while the walk-in shower, black WC and customized vanity with double sink add to the luxury of this beautiful room. Elegant niches emphasize the style of this modern bathroom. No matter what your design style or needs are, we are confident that Algebra Contracting LLC can create a luxurious and functional living space for you.

Dubai Renovation | Best Renovation Company

Dubai has been undergoing a massive transformation over the past few decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. From its ultra-modern architecture to its green initiatives and social responsibility campaigns, the city is rapidly evolving into a global hub for people from all walks of life. Renovation companies have played an integral role in this transformation, bringing new style, comfort and sustainability to the city.

These renovation companies specialize in a wide range of services, from interior design to landscape architecture. They work together with local communities and organizations to create spaces that reflect the culture and lifestyle of Dubai while promoting environmental consciousness. From high-end residential projects to public parks and playgrounds, these businesses strive to bring something new and innovative to the city.

Renovation Companies in Dubai

Renovation companies provide a wide range of services to their clients. Depending on the scope and type of renovation project, these services can include: interior and exterior painting, developing plans for remodeling and renovations, making structural alterations (such as adding or removing walls), installing new windows, repairing or replacing old fixtures, constructing new additions, refitting kitchens and bathrooms, landscaping, and much more. They will be able to advise on the best materials for each individual project, making sure that the work is completed safely and to a high standard. They can also provide guidance on design decisions so that you get the look you want for your home or business premises.

Transform Your Home with the Best Renovation Companies

Are you looking to spruce up your home? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. There are renovation companies that can help make your dreams of a beautiful home come true. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen remodel, a bathroom makeover, or a full house renovation. There are experienced professionals that can help.

Finding the right renovation company is key to making sure your project is done well and on time. Do some research and compare the services and prices of different companies in your area. Many offer free consultations so you can get an idea of the services they provide and make sure they are the right fit for you. Look into their experience and reviews to be sure you can trust them with your project.

Best Renovation Company in Dubai

Algebra Contracting is the premier renovation company for all of your home improvement needs. Our experienced team of professionals provides personalized service, high-quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence that will ensure your satisfaction. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of renovating your home to meet your lifestyle needs while still preserving its architectural integrity. Whether you’re in need of a full-scale remodel or just a few minor updates, our experienced team can help make your dream home a reality.

10 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

1. Set a realistic budget and stick to it

Before starting the project, set a budget and make sure you factor in any unexpected costs that may come up along the way. Don’t be tempted to go over your budget as this could lead to financial difficulties down the line.

2. Research contractors

If you are planning to hire contractors, take the time to do some research. Get several estimates, talk to references and ask questions like how long they have been in business and what type of work they specialize in.

3. Choose quality materials

Quality materials will last longer and may require less maintenance over time. Do your homework before making any big purchases as the materials you choose can significantly affect the overall look and feel of your project.

4. Consider the resale value

When planning a renovation, think about how it will affect the resale value of your home, both positively and negatively. Some renovations may increase the value of your property while others may have a negative effect if they are deemed too “out there”.

5. Get permits

Depending on the type of renovation you are undertaking, you may need to get a permit from your local government. Be sure to check with them before starting any work so that you don’t end up running into problems later on down the line.

6. Factor in disruption

Renovations can be disruptive to your day-to-day life. Especially those that require you to vacate the premises while they are being complete. Make sure you plan ahead and factor in any additional costs associated with alternative accommodation if needed.

7. Don’t skimp on safety

When renovating, it is important to prioritize safety. Make sure you follow any safety protocols, use approved materials and pay close attention to any electrical work, as this can be especially dangerous if not done properly.

8. Set a timeline

Plan out the entire project from start to finish and set realistic deadlines for each step along the way. This will help keep things moving in the right direction and ensure that you don’t run into any unexpected delays.

9. Schedule regular visits

If you are using a contractor, make sure you schedule regular visits to check on the progress of work. This will help keep them accountable and give you peace of mind knowing that everything is going as planned.

10. Stay organized

Renovations can become chaotic if not managed properly, so it’s important to stay organized throughout the entire process. Keep track of receipts and invoices, monitor progress on a weekly basis, and keep all communication in writing. This will help make the project run smoother and ensure everything is done correctly.

The Key to Effortless Turnkey Renovations | Renovation Company

Algebra Contracting is a turnkey renovation expert with 15 years of experience in Dubai. With our experienced team, we make it easy to transform your dreams into reality. From interior design to construction, Algebra Contracting offers hassle-free renovations for any size project. We provide comprehensive services from start to finish that leaves nothing to chance.

Whether you’re looking to update your home design, renovate a commercial space or revamp an entire office building, Algebra Contracting can provide you with the turnkey services you need. We take care of all the details from concept to completion, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. Our experienced team ensures that all aspects of the renovation project are taken care of, from structural repairs and new fixtures to construction management and final touches.

Best Renovation Contractor Company

we specialize in transforming your space into something beautiful. We understand that renovating or remodeling a home is a major undertaking and can be intimidating. That’s why our team of experienced professionals are here to help you through the entire process from start to finish. Our experts will provide advice on design, materials, and methods to ensure your project is complete efficiently, on time and within budget. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality workmanship and superior customer service every step of the way. Whether you’re renovating a single room or remodeling an entire home our team will be committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Trident Bayside Dubai Marina | Renovation Dubai

Trident Bayside Dubai Marina

The Trident Bayside Apartment renovation recently completed by Algebra Contracting was a remarkable success. We had the privilege of renovating the kitchen, bathroom and floors for our esteemed client. Our experienced team worked diligently to transform this apartment space into one that exudes luxury and style.

Our client was incredibly pleased with the results and expressed their appreciation for our top-notch service. With our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, Algebra Contracting is proud to be recognised as the best renovation company in Dubai.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are met with precision, accuracy and professionalism. We strive to deliver high quality renovation services that exceed your expectations and make your dream home a reality.

Kitchen Renovation | Trident Bayside

The Algebra contracting team set out to renovate the kitchen at Trident Bayside with high attention to detail. To begin, a new gypsum ceiling was installed along with an access panel for easy maintenance. Non dimmable spot lights were also added for extra lighting where needed. The floor preparation and waterproofing was carefully done to ensure that the area was sealed properly. Then, kitchen bottom cabinets and top cabinets were installed to give the kitchen a complete look. A Kitchen & Island Top was also added along with a Full High Backsplash & Island Panel. Finally, a sink mixer, bottle trap and angle valves were installed for the convenience of having all utilities in one place. The existing exhaust diffusers and smoke detector were also removed and refixed for safety reasons. With these renovations, Algebra contracting has successfully transformed Trident Bayside’s kitchen into an even more modern space!

Master Bathroom | Trident Bayside Remodeling

For the Master Bathroom, Algebra contracting went above and beyond to ensure that it was renovated to perfection. Calcium silicate wall was installed in the shower mixer area for durability and a waterproof striplight was also added. A semi solid wooden sliding door was installed as well to give off an elegant look. A wash basin cabinet with two shelves, mirror with around strip light and Crystal Absolute White Quartz for wash basin cabinet were all added in order to complete the bathroom’s transformation.

Marina Heights Tower – 2 Bedroom Apartment renovation

Location: Marina Heights Tower, Dubai Marina

This 2 bedroom apartment completely demolished and rebuilt.  The clients aim was to rent out the apartment in marina heights tower, so we left out a few things like ceiling designs, but have created an amazing space by converting the formerly closed kitchen into an open concept design kitchen with bar for entertainment and lots of storage room.

All 3 bathrooms renovated in the same client chosen design with big shower space, illuminated mirrors and niches and an overall light design with exception to the cabinet works.

All bedrooms have custom built wardrobes with illumination. The entire Apartment fitted with German Oak laminate. On the terrace we installed wood lookalike tiles that look exactly as the internal flooring creating a wonderful flow when opening the balcony doors.

Apartment Renovation

Marina Heights-Apartment Design & Renovation

Location: Marina Heights Tower, Dubai Marina

This 2 bedroom apartment completely demolished and rebuilt.  No expense was spared with new custom built floor to ceiling doors from our carpentry factory.

All 3 bathrooms have a different design and were completely remodeled beyond recognition. It is all made with a modern interior design with the latest products used in all rooms.

All bedrooms have custom built wardrobes with illumination made from spray painted MDF, an unusual high quality built, not very common due to the cost. The entire Apartment was retiled with porcelain tiles, even the wood look is a wood lookalike tile for maximum durability.

The guest bedroom is one of a kind with simply a glass partition separating the room from the bathroom with its free standing bathtub and rain shower to imitate a Hotel style room and holiday feeling.

lastly the kitchen is a complete custom solution with a big Quartz / Porcelain kitchen counter and backsplash imitating a marble look including a custom cut white stone sink made of the same material.

Horizon Tower 3D visuals for luxury in the sky

Location – Horizon Tower, Dubai Marina

This Apartment is on the 41st floor of Horizon Tower in Dubai Marina.

Current state is a disaster, a 15 year old Apartment combined with a mediocre quality to begin with.

We are taking a 4 bedroom Apartment and turning it into a luxury 3 bedroom Apartment with the highest quality materials, walk in closets, huge master suite, bar in the living room, custom design kitchen and will also furnish the place to provide a turn key solution for our client. Stay tuned for the end result.

Best Interior Design company

Algebra Contracting LLC is the premier interior design company in Dubai, offering a wide range of services to meet all your needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals can help you create the perfect space for your home or business – from sleek and modern to cozy and traditional. We specialize in creating luxurious living spaces that reflect individual style, while always keeping function at the forefront. Our team works closely with you to ensure your vision is realized and that your space looks exactly how you want it. We take pride in providing top-notch customer service and strive to make sure our clients are satisfied with the results. At Algebra Contracting LLC, we believe that beautiful design should be accessible for everyone, so no matter what kind of project you’re looking to tackle, we are here to help! Contact us today for a free consultation or browse our portfolio to see examples of our work. With Algebra Contracting LLC, you can trust that every detail will be taken care of from start to finish. Let us bring your dream space to life!

Sidra Villa – Dubai Hills renovation with Pool and Landscaping

Villa Landscaping

Algebra Contracting LLC is the Best Villa Landscaping Company in UAE. Villa landscaping is the art of transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, inviting, and functional places. By choosing the perfect plants, shrubs, trees and hardscaping features. Villa landscaping professionals create a sense of peacefulness by weaving design elements together to produce harmonious outdoor living areas.

Sidra Villa Landscaping- Dubai

We were entrusted with this extensive renovation of a four bedroom Sidra Villa in Dubai Hills. This project was an ambitious one, as a large number of features were planned.
The scope of work included renovating all bathrooms and using full height tiles for minimal joints; creating an outdoor cinema, landscaping and an Infinity Pool; installation of a new designer kitchen with high end appliances; laying down new flooring around the whole Villa; and creating a special design for the staircase.
This project is a stunning example of luxury residential development that will exemplify the highest standards of quality in Dubai Hills. Algebra Contracting with full commitment completed the project with utmost precision and according to the highest of standards. Everyone involved in this Sidra Villa and landscaping project are very happy with the end results.

Best Villa Landscaping Company in Dubai

Algebra Contracting is the best villa landscaping company in Dubai. Villa landscaping – isn’t just about looks, this practice also includes the essentials of irrigation, drainage and soil maintenance. This attention to detail ensures an aesthetic that will last for many years to come. Villa owners have enough on their plate without having to worry about their outdoor environment by engaging with Villa landscapers. They can trust in professional guidance throughout the entire process. With the right Villa landscapes team of Algebra Contracting LLC. You’ll be proud to show off your property and enjoy it for years down the road.

Why Villa Landscaping ?

Villa landscaping is an art form in itself. At its best, Villa landscaping can turn an ordinary backyard ramping or pool area into something truly special. With careful consideration of the many varieties of plants, flowers, and trees. That can be use to create a unified style. Villa landscaping offers versatile combination options for green space and curbside appeal. Effective Villa landscaping often makes creative use of sight-lines and contrasts to produce stunning effects. Villa landscaping comes the added benefit of providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. Also creating a beneficial habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Villa landscaping truly is an amazing way to transform any property! We are the best villa landscaping company in Dubai.

Landscaping 3d designs in Dubai

Given the stunning landscapes of Dubai, it’s no surprise that Villa landscaping services are in high demand in UAE. 3D Villa landscaping is an incredible new way to transform any garden into a beautiful oasis. With it, you can visualize a dream design before putting any tools to work. The possibilities are truly inspiring from intricate water features, custom terraces and pathways to colorful foliage. Every detail is customize for Villa owners according to their individual tastes. As property values continue to climb in Dubai, Villa landscaping will be sought after by home owners looking for unique and attractive ways to improve their homes and increase their value.

Premier Villa Landscape Design & Villa Landscaping in Dubai

Algebra Contracting stands as a forerunner and esteemed provider of villa landscaping solutions in Dubai, offering an extensive range of services tailored for villa owners. As an expert in the field, we deliver inventive and distinct villa landscaping within Dubai. Algebra is recognised as the top choice for villa landscaping in Dubai and the surrounding areas.

Owning or intending to purchase a villa in Dubai implies a need for a stunning front-yard landscape. However, it’s common knowledge that creating such an area single-handedly in a region like the UAE, known for its dry climatic conditions, can be challenging. So, we invite you to entrust this task to the specialists. Algebra Contracting Landscaping is renowned for the finest villa landscaping services in Dubai and across the UAE.

Renowned Designer & Contractor for Villa Landscaping Dubai

As a top villa landscaping company in Dubai, we have dedicated the past decade to creating breathtaking outdoor spaces for a wide range of villas. Our impressive growth and reputation in the villa landscaping sector are a result of our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. With our team of skilled landscape architects and craftsmen, we excel in meeting our clients’ needs while navigating various factors and constraints.

We don’t just excel at creating magnificent landscape designs. Our speciality lies in transforming villa gardens into lush green retreats. As a trusted villa landscaping company, we have earned a reputation for delivering landscaping solutions that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of our clients’ villas. Our clients depend on us with confidence.

Choose us for your villa landscaping needs and experience the difference of our exceptional workmanship and dedication to creating outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression. 

#1 Villa Landscaping Services in Dubai & UAE

Villa landscaping services in UAE are revolutionizing how landscapes are designed and implemented With their cutting-edge 3d villa landscape design capabilities. The sky is the limit for those that want to create a truly unique environment for their home or business. Stunning visuals, exact measurements and faithful recreations of real-world environments are just some of the benefits that this versatile approach can bring to any project. Villa landscapers in UAE can create anything from intricate gardens to complex outdoor living spaces – all within the constraints of its remarkable 3d Design.

800 interior is the best villa landscaping company in UAE. Villa landscaping can be an excellent way to improve the visual appeal of your home. 3d Villa Landscape designs that perfectly blend together the outdoors and indoors of your Villa grounds. Imagine having a Villa landscape design that was carefully crafted to make you stand apart, While you enjoy al fresco dining or relaxing in a cozy outdoor seating area creating a one of a kind oasis right in your Villa where friends and family can gather, enjoy the stunning views and relax together. With 3d Villa Landscape Design services, you can create this unique atmosphere with confidence knowing that your Villa grounds will look perfect no matter their size or shape.

Our Villa Landscaping Services

?Villa Landscape Designing
?Landscape Consulting
?Fireplaces & Fire pits
?Water Features
?Irrigation Systems
?Villa Landscape Architecture
?Tree Transplanting
?Garden Design & Maintenance
?Artificial Grass Installation
?Interlock Installation
?Swimming Pool Design & Construction
?Landscape Maintenance
?Patios and Walks
?Fences, Pillars, Gates
?Flooring & Wall Tiles Fixing

Why choose us?

Algebra Contracting LLC is the premier villa landscaping company in Dubai. We offer our customers quality service and the highest level of expertise, ensuring that each property we work on has an exquisite outdoor space that exceeds expectations.

Our team at Algebra Contracting LLC is highly experienced and has a strong commitment to providing our clients with the best possible service. We focus on developing creative and innovative solutions to bring beauty to residential gardens and outdoor spaces.

We understand that landscaping a villa is a big investment, which is why we strive to offer our customers the highest quality of workmanship while ensuring they receive value for money. Our team takes pride in their attention to detail and in providing a personalised service which takes into account the client’s individual requirements.

At Algebra Contracting LLC, we believe that quality landscaping should be accessible to everyone. We strive to offer our services at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.

If you are looking for the best villa landscaping company in Dubai, look no further than Algebra Contracting LLC. We offer quality service and expertise, creative solutions, attention to detail and value for money so you can be sure that your outdoor space will be beautifully designed and expertly crafted. Contact us today

Skyline – Apartment Design & Renovation

Location: Al Bateen Residences, JBR, UAE

SQM: 135.87

The apartment interior combines comfort and elegance, keeping a clear decoration style in each room. The details flow from one space to another, wisely balancing between restraint and ease.

Scope of Work

1 – Master bathroom, guest bathroom, and powder room full renovation including new ceiling

2 – Full apartment painting and tiling work

3 – Kitchen full renovation including ceiling (Wall demolition including)

4 – Spotlight replacing

Terrace – Marina Quays

Full Duplex Renovation – Marina Quays

Al Bateen Residences-Full Apartment Design

Palma Residents-Front Garden

Marina Quays-Kitchen Design

Marina Crown-Full Apartment Renovation

Full Apartment Renovation

Algebra Contracting LLC recently completed an impressive project of Marina Crown full apartment renovation. Located in the heart of Dubai Marina, this state of the art remodeling has yielded a beautiful and luxurious home for a satisfied customer. From floor to ceiling, every aspect of the project was handled with expertise and quality craftsmanship that is sure to impress and stand the test of time.

The client was looking to create a sleek, modern design that blended functionality and style, while also maintaining a cozy atmosphere. To achieve this goal, Algebra Contracting LLC rebuilt and reinforced the structure of the space and provided professional installation for upgraded finishes such as electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, custom cabinetry, and more. The end result is a stunningly renovated apartment that looks just like it came out of the pages of an interior design magazine.

The client was thrilled with the outcome and expressed admiration for Algebra Contracting LLC’s outstanding workmanship. From start to finish, the team provide excellent customer service. And worked diligently to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Algebra Contracting LLC is a trusted partner for any residential or commercial contracting needs.

Full Apartment Renovation

If you are looking for a reliable contractor who puts customer satisfaction first. Then look no further than Algebra Contracting LLC. They have a long history of delivering top-notch projects and have the expertise to turn your renovation dreams into reality. Contact them today for more information or to get started on your renovation project!

Motor City-Interior Design

Dubai Island – Landscape Project

Villa landscaping dubai

The Waves by DAMAC-3D Design & Apartment Renovation

Algebra Contracting offers 3D Design renders for all of the major projects free of charge. We work with the latest technologies such as 3D Max. We have creative designers advising you every step of the way. Since we are offering everything in house. we can make sure that the finished product will appear as anticipated from our 3D renders. Our designers have the biggest range of creative opportunities as we specialize in customizing furniture and any other accessories needed to bring our 3D design to reality.

We have successfully designed and renovated Apartments, Penthouses, Villas, Offices, Shops, clinics including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and custom furniture. On here you can see some of our previous 3D Designs to get inspired.

Palm Jumeirah-Interior Design

Palm Jumeirah-Living Room Design

  • Area:
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Algebra Contracting is a Dubai Contractor offering a wide scope of renovation and fit-out works that include civil, architectural & structural works, general maintenance work, waterproofing, wall cladding work, tiling, and plastering work, drainage & plumbing works (Internal & External), and electrical works. We specialize in layout modifications, bathroom renovations, custom-made kitchens, custom furniture, glassworks, flooring, ceiling works, and all other possible upgrades in the residential and commercial sector.

DAMAC Hills-Landscape Design

  • Area:
  • Location: Dubai Hills, UAE
  • Category: Residential

With our landscape design teams in the UAE, every detail of your project is perfected. We’ll make your private haven blossom outdoors, exactly how you imagined it. We are consistently delivering projects on time

villa landscape

Dubai Hills-Interior Design & Fit-Out

  • Area: 250SQM
  • Location: Sidra, Dubai Hills, UAE
  • Category: Residential

Princess Tower 2 bedroom renovation

This Apartment has been delivered by the developer with a mediocre Quality finish and unreasonably small bathrooms. We tried to make the best of it and upgrade the bathrooms to use the space more efficiently. It has been a renovation to upgrade the Quality of fish aas well with a more modern look to it and bring some much needed light into the Apartment.

Our Solutions

We have stripped the Apartment of all bathrooms, kitchen and the living room ceiling to upgrade it all including indirect lighting, complete retiling of all floors and bathroom and customize the kitchen.

The Apartment now features:

  • Custom built kitchen increasing the size and practicality
  • New Wardrobes in all bedrooms
  • 2 completely redesigned bathrooms in line with modern interior design solutions
  • New flooring throughout the Apartment and the balcony
  • All wood works have been spray painted white

Look at the pictures, after all they say more than a thousand words…

JBR – complete renovation

  • Year 2019
  • Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Category: Residential

Most JBR Apartments are in desperate need of a facelift, so that the interior can match the prestige of the location. This Apartment in Rimal received a complete upgrade, renovation and make over from Algebra

Our Solutions

We have stripped the Apartment to its core, demolished some walls, modified the layout slightly, redesigned the kitchen and all bathrooms

The Apartment now features:

  • Tailor-made kitchen with open concept kitchen island
  • floor to ceiling doors
  • painted window frames
  • New floor tiles in the entire Apartment
  • 3 completely renovated bathrooms

Look at the pictures, after all they say more than a thousand words…

Emergency renovation- how to create more space

  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment has been delivered by the developer with a mediocre Quality finish and a very unreasonable and inefficient layout to say the least. It was pretty much uninhabitable due to the lack of space and storage.

Our Solutions

We have avoided to strip down any walls or change the layout, as there were no options to do so. We were forced to get creative, so the living room and one of the bedrooms have been lifted, creating enormous storage space underneath.

Living Room

We have created a wooden base covering the entire living area, lifting it up by about 1 meter and creating a huge storage space underneath.


We have lifted a king size bed by roughly 2 meters to create a big and efficient walk in closet underneath it as there was no space for clothes whatsoever before our renovation.

The Apartment also features:

  • Tailor-made kitchen with open concept ceiling design
  • new flooring solutions in all rooms
  • Plenty of storage space throughout the apartment.
  • 2 completely renovated bathrooms

It is hard to imagine these extensive carpentry works, so we tried to illustrate it as best as we can in the pictures.

best villa landscaping company

Al Majara – Dubai Marina

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment is located in Al Majara, right next to the Yacht Club.

Being more than 13 years old, this Apartment was due for an Upgrade to get ready for new tenants to enjoy the luxury outcome of our renovation.

Our Solutions

We have altered the layout slightly by removing a study area that was too small to use efficiently, thus creating a nice and way more spacious bedroom.

General upgrades include:

  • New flooring with a wood look alike ceramic tile for long durability
  • Remodeled bathroom with modern design and walk in shower
  • Complete new kitchen built by Algebra in our workshop in Dubai Industrial Park
  • Modernized internal doors, which have all been spray painted white

Palm Jumeirah – Signature Villa upgrade

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah
  • Category: Residential

This incredible Signature Villa has everything one can dream of, huge size, incredible views and valuable prestige. So what was lacking? Of course Quality and optimized layouts and design.

Our Solutions

One of the highlights in this Villa is its very own Turkish Hammam bathroom in the ground floor guest bedroom. Aside from that we have increased the size of the master bedroom by including some unused space of the hallway and a small study area.

The Villa now features:

  • Turkish Hammam bath on the ground floor
  • Extended master bedroom with Spanish wood flooring
  • Remodeled master bathroom with spacious walk in shower
  • Walk in closets imported from Germany
  • German Branded Kitchen Solution
  • Outdoor pool landscape with a pool sized multiple times the original pool
  • Increased entrance area after shifting the entrance door

Dubai Marina Princess Tower Renovation

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment has been delivered by the developer with a mediocre Quality finish and a closed kitchen that wasted a lot of usable space and light. However, the location, building and view are outstanding. This inspired our client to buy and refurbish this Apartment entirely, making a great investment with this strategy.

Our Solutions

We have stripped the Apartment to its core, demolished major walls, modified the layout to its most efficient structure and redesigned ceilings, light structure, bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, wall features and much more

The Apartment now features:

  • Open concept kitchen that was previously closed, designed in house by Algebra
  • Master bedroom has been extended by including one of the smaller bedrooms
  • Master bathroom has doubled in size by moving the entrance and including part of the hallway as usable bathroom space
  • Plenty of storage space throughout the apartment.
  • The entire floor has been tiled with wood replica ceramic tiles
  • All bathrooms have been brightened up and modernized with anthracite flooring, white wall tiles, marble counters and illuminated mirrors
  • The Wardrobes have been replaced with modern and automatic illuminated custom wardrobes

Look at the pictures, after all they say more than a thousand words…

Dubai Marina – 2 bedroom Apartment Renovation in Marina Heights Tower

Apartment Renovation Dubai

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment along with most other Apartment in Marina Heights Tower was long overdue for a nice upgrade and complete renovation. The building is over 11 years old and the interior was not outstanding to begin with. However, the location, facilities and view are outstanding. This inspired our client to buy and refurbish this Apartment entirely, making a great investment with this strategy.

Our Solutions

We have relocated and/or removed and demolished some walls to optimize the Apartment layout and redesigned ceilings, light structure, bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, wall features and much more

The Apartment now features:

  • Tailor-made open concept kitchen with Top Quality Appliances
  • New wardrobes in both rooms
  • Elegant wood style tiles to create a warm feeling
  • indirect lighting in the living room plus new LED light features in the entire Apartment
  • 3 new bathrooms with modern design and more space efficiency

Look at the pictures, after all they say more than a thousand words…

Springs Renovation

Emirates Living – The Springs / Meadows

This is a collection of pictures of our various projects we have concluded in the springs and the meadows. These include

  • extensions
  • bathroom remodeling
  • layout changes
  • kitchen refurbishment
  • interior painting
  • exterior painting
  • wood works such as wardrobes, gazebos etc…
  • AC modifications

Old Town Downtown Dubai Garden Apartment Renovation

Apartment Renovation

3 bedroom Garden Apartment in Kamoon, Old Town, Downtown Dubai

  • Date: 2017
  • Location: Old Town, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment has been completely refurbished in collaboration with our associate Designer, Johanna Doumba (

Given the typically dark features in Old Town, we have adjusted the interior of this Apartment by transforming it from a darker impression to a light, inviting and more modern atmosphere.

We re-designed the layout and moved several doors and openings around to make the space more practical.

We installed additional cupboards to allow for more storage i.e. suitcase space, linen press, stationery cupboard etc.

All bathrooms were transformed to have walk in showers along with a much lighter color scheme.

We kept as many of the original elements as possible however brightened them up by painting them white.

Our scope includes:

  • approval works from all authorities e.g. Emaar, Dubai Municipality etc.
  • all demolition works including removal of kitchen walls
  • all floor tiling, bathroom tiling, plumbing and electrical works
  • bathroom renovation and refurbishment with design tiles
  • kitchen renovation and remodel with new kitchen cupboards, counter tops and back splash
  • all ceiling and gypsum work including the lighting works

Springs Villa Renovation and Extension

The Springs | Emirates Living – Extension and renovation

This Springs Villa has been upgraded all around and extended towards backyard and at the entrance area. We have created the new drawings and obtained approvals from all the necessary authorities including Emaar and Dubai Municipality. The first and most important step for any renovation or fit out project in Dubai. This is a huge responsibility of any contractor as Dubai has strict regulation when it comes to any construction works. Villa Renovation Dubai

Our scope of work included:

  • complete renovation of all bathrooms including tiling, sanitary ware, etc…
  • new flooring on the entire Ground floor with wood design ceramic tiles
  • conversion of kitchen window into sliding door with Garden Access
  • Kitchen remodel
  • AC modifications to change directions and design of AC Grills
  • spray painting of all internal wooden doors
  • retain of entrance door
  • refurbishment of handrail in the staircase
  • front yard renovation with marble tiling

Transform Your Villa in Dubai with Professional Renovation Services

Algebra Contracting LLC is the best villa renovation company in Dubai. Our experienced team of contractors and designers has over 15years of expertise in luxuriously transforming homes into breathtakingly beautiful, functional spaces. We use state-of-the-art materials and design to create a customized plan that caters to your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to renovate an existing villa or construct a new one, Algebra Contracting LLC has the experience and resources to make it happen.

We understand that each home project is unique and requires a personalized approach. That’s why we start every job by taking into account your family’s lifestyle and budget. We then create a detailed design plan and carefully select materials that will fit both your style and budget. We take the time to explain our processes, provide progress updates, and help you make informed decisions throughout the renovation journey.

Villa Renovation Dubai

Algebra Contracting LLC is the premiere provider of Villa renovation services in Dubai. Our experienced team of professionals have been providing excellent and reliable services to our clients, making us one of the most trusted providers in the area. We have worked on a wide range of projects from small-scale renovations to complete villa transformations. We take pride in using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as one of the top villa renovation companies in Dubai. Whether you are looking for minor renovations or an entire makeover, Algebra Contracting LLC is here to help create your dream villa. With our expertise and experience, we are sure to provide the best renovation experience possible.

Why Professional Villa Renovations Should be Every Homeowner’s Choice

1. Quality Workmanship:

Professional renovations ensure quality work, taking the worry and stress out of a DIY job.

2. Expert Guidance:

Professional renovators can provide expert guidance on best materials to use and which design options will suit your home and lifestyle best.

3. Increased Value:

A professionally renovated home can increase in value, making it a good investment decision for homeowners looking to maximize their return on investment when selling or renting their property in future.

4. Quick Turnaround Times:

Professionals can complete most renovation projects within the timeframe agreed upon, ensuring that you’ll have your beautiful new space faster than if going down the DIY route!

5. Great Warranty Coverage:

Most professional renovation companies offer generous warranty coverage for all parts labor used during the project – so you know you’re getting peace of mind along with quality workmanship every time!

6. Access To All Necessary Supplies And Equipment :

Working with a professional renovation company gives you access to all necessary supplies and equipment at more competitive rates than purchasing them yourself due to bulk discounts they receive as part of their business model.

7. Streamlined Process:

Working with a professional renovation company streamlines the entire process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on other aspects of life while your renovation gets completed without any hassle!

8. Quality Materials:

Professional renovators use quality materials that are designed for longevity and durability – giving you great value for money and peace of mind.

9. Reduced Stress:

Working with a professional renovation company can reduce the amount of stress associated with taking on DIY renovations – leaving more time to focus on other aspects of life while your project gets completed!

10. Professionalism :

Professional renovators pride themselves on a high level of professionalism and customer service – giving you the peace of mind that your renovation is being taken care of by qualified, experienced professionals.

Why Choose Us for Your Villa Renovation

When choosing us for villa renovation, you can trust that our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to make your dream villa a reality. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we understand what it takes to create the perfect balance between luxury and affordability. Our unique designs bring a touch of sophistication with both modern and classic styles available. As well as extensive experience, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service ensuring satisfaction for each client. Ultimately, by choosing our services you will receive quality renovation backed up with exceptional service. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make your villa dreams come true!

2 bedroom Transformation in Old Town Downtown Dubai

  • Date: 2016
  • Location: Old Town, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • Value: AED 200,000
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment has been completely refurbished in collaboration with our associate Designer, Johanna Doumba (

Given the typically dark features in Old Town, we have adjusted the interior of this Apartment by transforming it from a darker impression to a light, inviting and more modern atmosphere.

We re-designed the kitchen by removing all non-structural walls and replaced all cabinetry, combining the guest bathroom to cater to a larger pantry and laundry cupboard.

We installed an amazing cupboard along the hallway to allow for more storage i.e. suitcase space, linen press, stationery cupboard etc.

​Both bathrooms were transformed to have walk in showers along with a much lighter color scheme.

We kept as many of the original elements as possible however brightened them up by painting them white.

Our scope includes:

  • approval works from all authorities e.g. Emaar, Dubai Municipality etc.
  • all demolition works including removal of kitchen walls
  • all floor tiling, bathroom tiling, plumbing and electrical works
  • bathroom renovation and refurbishment with design tiles
  • kitchen renovation and remodel with new kitchen cupboards, counter tops and back splash
  • all ceiling and gypsum work including the lighting works

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JBR Jumeirah Beach Residence Shams Modern Home

Jumeirah Beach Residences – Modern Home

  • Date: 2016
  • Location: JBR, Shams, Dubai, UAE
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residences has been renovated completely to create a modern atmosphere combined with the homely feel you don’t want to miss in our Apartment. The complete solution has been customized to stay within a budget of AED 200,000 even though the entire Apartment had a complete make over in every room.

Our Scope

  • replace flooring in all rooms
  • remove kitchen wall to create open concept kitchen
  • replace countertop
  • paint all kitchen cabinet doors
  • 3 new bathrooms
  • new wardrobes, custom made in our carpentry workshop
  • new internal doors, custom made by us with a matt white finish
  • wall designs with decorative stone features

Silverene – Designer Studio Apartment

Silverene – Designer Studio in Dubai Marina

Silverene is one of the rare examples of a high Quality building in Dubai, where the majority of clients don’t feel the need for a major renovation. However this studio has been upgraded and furnished to make the most out of the small available space.

We have installed huge 1.2 by 1.2 meter big ceramic tiles and replicated the floor design with a stretch ceiling.

You will find plenty of storage space and integrated seamlessly into the designer look. Even the bed lifts up and offers room for your bulk items.

The dining table comfortably sits four, and can accommodate up to six when using the balcony chairs. The living room and large balcony overlooks the glamorous marina waters. You can control the music system from anywhere in the apartment via smart phone.

The same system allows you to enjoy your favourite movie in 3D with home theatre sound quality and subwoofer. The 55 inch Smart TV can be turned 180 degrees to allow you to watch from the sofa, bed, dining table, or kitchen. It can also browse and play Youtube directly from the internet.

You can set your own room ambience color that best suits your mood via remote control with the Phillips ambience light.

The designer leather sofa simply converts into a comfortable queen size bed within seconds and accommodate up to two guests.

Ocean Heights – Executive Pad

  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

The developer delivered this Apartment with a mediocre quality finish and a very unreasonable and inefficient layout. However, the location, building, and view are outstanding. This inspired our client to buy and refurbish this Apartment entirely, making an excellent investment with this strategy.

Our Solutions

We have stripped the Apartment to its core, demolished primary walls, modified the layout to its most efficient structure, redesigned ceilings, light structure, bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, wall features, and much more.

The Apartment now features:

  • Tailor-made kitchen with Top Quality Appliances
  • Electric drawers and cabinets with the latest technology from Austria
  • Plenty of storage space throughout the apartment.
  • Elegant marble living room is fitted remote-controlled blinds and recliner
  • The 55 inch 3D-Smart-TV can be turned 270 degrees so that you can enjoy both from the living or the dining and cocking area
  • The Study area is integrated seamlessly into the overall design.
  • It comes with top quality brand office chair offering you a highly efficient workstation
  • The master bedroom is fitted with all custom made furniture, flooring and ceiling.
  • Both designer bathrooms have free standing designer wash basins and walk-in showers

Look at the pictures; after all, they say more than a thousand words…

Marina Heights – three-bedroom terrace apartment

  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Category: Residential

This three-bedroom apartment in the Dubai Marina, directly on Marina Walk. Marina Heights Tower has a fantastic location, Quality, and facilities. However, the kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and sometimes even the layouts are not always up to the standard you’d expect.

Our Solutions

  • All 3 bathrooms have been totally refitted with tiles and high standard fittings from Italy, purchased from local importers at reasonable prices
  • The kitchen has been completely renovated and fitted with a complete solution from a German supplier of highest quality
  • All wardrobes have been completely exchanged and produced by us in our own carpentry workshop in Dubai Investment Park
  • The 3rd bedroom has been opened on one side to create an open plan study area
  • The terrace has been fitted with foldable glass doors to make use of it even in the hot summer months

Villa on the Palm

  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Category: Residential

This Villa on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, has always been spectacular. However, it needed some significant maintenance work and upgrades after ten years. We have done multiple renovations on the Palm, but the location and size of the Villa stand out as one of the best.

New features include:

  • Private elevator
  • German Quality kitchen from Haecker
  • Retain of all doors
  • Increased window size
  • Glass balcony railing
  • New outdoor tiling and landscaping
  • Complete external and internal repaint

Marina Heights – Designer Apartment

  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
  • Category: Residential

This Apartment in Marina Heights Tower, Dubai Marina, has been renovated to a very high standard and is the perfect example of matching up the Apartment interior with the middle of the rest of the building.

Our Scope

  • Real Oakwood flooring in the entire Apartment
  • German Designer Kitchen
  • Italian Designer bathrooms with all tiles, sanitary ware and pictures imported from Italy
  • new wardrobes, custom made in our carpentry workshop
  • new internal doors, custom made by us with a matt white finish
  • wall designs with decorative stone features